Many of the custom-built software tools that are part of our powerful annotation pipelines are available as standalone executables or as SaaS. They can enrich you own CMS-experience for example or empower you own search infrastructure.

If you are interested in detailed information about any of the tools below, please contact us.

OIS chemistry registration and web service system

converts text to chemical structures and information; uses a wide range of chemistry modules
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extracts chemistry concepts (compounds, reactions, substances, polymers, …) from any document type using context specific semantic named entity resolution

extracts domain knowledge as structured N-tuple relationships from any document type

extracts and normalizes tables and images from documents

automated toxicology reports on compounds
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a few if the custom solutions that are possible if with our tools:

  • OC|miner implementations to annotate, analyze, extract & search your documents
  • create dedicated data streams, news and alerts for your internal experts
  • create domain specific ontologies
  • create prediction tools for properties you are interested in
  • scientific expert reports on demand
  • create domain specific extractors to analyze your internal knowledge, see next slide


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