As a small company we are very flexible. No matter what you need or have in mind for a future product, it is always worth talking to us about it.

Commissioned Reports

Since some of our customers just want answers, we offer to do the actual reseach for our customers. Our team consists not only of IT specialists, but also of chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists and biologists. We know our tools and we are confident that we can use them to help you find answers to your questions. A typical task is to compile a ranked selection of chemical compounds that correlate to a specific disease or effect. Or which compounds (out of many millions) have specific desirable properties (smell, taste, color, etc.) while being chemically similiar to a customer-provided compound and while having been mentioned before in connection with a certain type of treatment or use.

Custom functionalities
Our main products, the OC|miner and the adjacent tools, are heavily customizable. While adding or subtracting content and ontologies is quite easy, many of our customers want special functionalities implemented. We will gladly develop both UI addons as well as analytical tools to increase your competitiveness. Those tools can range from a "comments section" to ease intra-company cooperation to new and specialized search and visualization options. Or perhaps you need just part of our software modules to implement the power of semantic search into your existing workflow?! Please let us know, how we can help you.